<channel your inner Dreamgirl when you read the title>

my stomach weighs a ton.  i don’t think i have a very distinct waddle, but it might be coming on soon.  my weight gain has been very minimum (i was up 12 pounds from the beginning this morning) but the baby is way bigger now and everything is crammed on my insides.

this tends to cause a problem when i want to take a deep breath, get off the couch, roll over in bed, or i eat too much food.  i had some fried chicken for lunch (don’t be too shocked, brownlee made it, i didn’t go pick it up) and some rice and we were doing fine.  but then i realized i forgot my big thing of Tums at home (i still have emergency ones in my purse) but i figure the little bit of reflux i had could be soothed with a cream slush from sonic.  ice cream basically solves any problem, unless you got the lactose.  i got a small strawberry-lime and came back to work.  but as i consumed the slush my stomach got bigger and used up the very last bit of space in my body.  i’m at that miserable point of full.  es el diablo! my work chair is not pregnant ergonomically correct.  if i prop my feet up and lean back Monkey Pie is smooshing my lungs.  if i lean forward to get the belly weight off me, then my back starts to tighten up.  ideally i could get on the floor on all fours but for some reason i think the people up here would frown on that.

i’m considering booking myself a conference room for 30 minutes with just me, the floor, and my Kindle.