i should be asleep but i was off work for two weeks and i’m not back on my sleep schedule…although i’m usually up at this time anyway.

so i think i felt the baby having hiccups a few minutes ago.  it was a steady, rhythmic, jerky movement for like 3 minutes solid.  there were regular baby kicks going on as well, but then the steady jerking so i’m just going to say it was hiccups.  it was pretty trippy.

today marks week 31, but lately i’ve been counting down how long i got left instead of counting the time that has passed.  i have 9 weeks left, if we make it that long.  it’s the first week of january, so basically we got 2 months.  how is it already january?! watch this timeline:

  • jan 15 – baby shower
  • jan 21 – next doctor’s visit,33 weeks (yeah i know we’re supposed to be at every 2 weeks but she’s out of town now, but she’ll be here for the birth)
  • jan 24 – newborn care class
  • feb 1 – 35 week visit & ultrasound for measurement, start weekly visits
  • feb 6 – labor and delivery class
  • march

see how quick that is?!

i haven’t really had any new side effects.  heartburn is still pretty regular.  i’m still congested.  i keep bumping my stomach into things.  im still getting dizzy (cassandra can contest to that in Borders, btw THANKS for being so great!!!). none of it is too bad really, but still.  and my back has been fine but its probably cause i have been on the couch doing nothing.  being back at work might put a kink in it cause my chair is all work-y and very much not like a couch.

and speaking of work, i got back today to people literally yelling “boy you’ve gotten big”.  my shirts have this tent effect at the bottom where they come to a point not unlike my baby bump.  again, this is not the proper way to speak to people.  i can’t go around saying “BOY you’ve gotten big” to everyone after the holidays, don’t say it to me.  and i’m supposed to be getting bigger you jackass co-workers.  the baby is growing, and that’s a good thing.  whew.  end vent.

and since i’m counting down, i’m starting to tap into getting ready for baby.  i’m focusing more on reading on what to do when the kid gets here instead of how to cope with being pregnant.  so i bought What to Expect the First Year on the Kindle.  i read a chapter on just general this is what a baby does and promptly freaked out and closed the Kindle. it covered topics from birth plans, to naming baby, to circumcision.  chapter two was a little easier because it was about baby gear, which i did research on before registering.  but the 3rd chapter was on breastfeeding, and i again turned off the Kindle.  i know i need to read these things but i need to do it a bit at a time.  i’m still wanting to take the breastfeeding class, but from what i figure, they have tons of lactation consultants in the hospital at my disposal.  and the damn newborn care class filled up so fast i doubt theres anything even available at our hospital.  of course there are other options of places to take them, or i can find a video, or read some more info on it.  so i have (a little) time to figure out what i want to do with that.

i dont feel anymore jerky movements so im pretty sure me moving around and the shower helped get rid of the Gremlin’s hiccups.  now i just need to take some TUMS to get rid of this heartburn…