i’m sure yall enjoyed brownlee’s guest blog yesterday, but back to business. it’s been a busy week.

yesterday was pretty eventful.  mommy came with me to the appointment and even though it was a quickie visit she got to hear the heartbeat.  i had to get more blood work done because my doctor said i had elevated white blood cell count and they wanted to make sure the iron was working.  i dont really know what that means but they wanted to see if everything was back to normal.

then we went and had breakfast and went to Babies R Us to get the crib and mattress.but then i got sick in Babies R Us and threw up said breakfast (waited too long to eat) and we came back home and i just laid down.  ive been stuck in marathons of bad tv.  judge shows. intervention. hoarders. crap after crap and my brain is rotting.  so i started watching Better Off Ted on Netflix Instant Watch.  hilarious.

anyway when brownlee got home and we set the crib up.  surprisingly with no real problems and we didn’t even call each other names.  then i realized that the way we had the room set up wouldn’t really work because the changing table would work better on the other side etc etc.  then this morning i busted out the super cute linen set that karen, aka Naynee, bought us, washed it, and made it look cute!

i’m still trying to figure out what exactly i want to do with the computer.  its in the way to me and i would like more space to move around but brownlee’s still on that stupid “baby don’t care” but mommy don’t care what brownlee thinks baby may or may not care about.  i still got 4 days off or something (i don’t know what today is) so things are still bound to change. the only real issue is the cable box that can’t be moved but that doesn’t mean it can’t be under the bed. and the computer isn’t used for the internet so… the dining room thats never used may become the dining room/office and the other room might be the baby/guest room.  and of course now i want a rug and a lamp with monkeys on it. grrreat. but here is the photo album progress of the room from before to now.

anywho i’ve been doing some better since monday. and maybe today i might actually get out the house, but Better Off Ted is funny and its raining outside so maybe not.