Bre told me that if I could successfully create and post a blog, then she’ll let me guest-write on hers……so I did, check me out at (shameless plug).  Just joking, but I’ve been meaning to get my point of view across to the masses and what better way than to blog?  Exactly. 

(For the purpose of this blog, the baby will be a he)

First of all, let me catch you all up on my side of the last 30 weeks of my life.  It all started with some regurgitation one day, which is completely out of the norm for Bre…not exactly one of her nerd tendencies.  We tried to give it a few days, but she was too excited and went got a test that evening…test came back positive…yippee!  From there we were scheduling doctors appointments, too early apparently, so there was a few weeks of waiting before we actually got an expert opinion, but Bre was showing all the typical textbook symptoms. 

At the official appointment, I was still somewhat nervous even though I knew what the test would prove….but yall know me, its not official till its official, ya dig?  It was official, ultrasound and everything.  Fast forward a few weeks, then we had to start talking baby names….I mean its kind of important since the kid is going to be stuck with it for life ya know?  I tried to stay away from names that were super ethnic or sounded made up or that rhymed with dirty words (elementary is tough enough as it is without the name game).   Then we end up at Week 20, where we go do the big ultrasound and Bre decided that would be as good a time as any to go register at Target & Baby’s R Us.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, I was involved because I had the scanner gun (which is how a few PS3 games ended up on the registry).  Spent a half-day doing that, then I went to work. 

Now, fast forward to a few weeks ago when I learned that the baby can hear us…..I was slightly freaked out about it, cuz yall know I say some outlandish stuff, but then I figured the baby is gonna love me either way, so I might as well be myself.  So I read a few articles I got from ESPN, which the baby likes, and also played some R. Kelly on my iPhone in “surround” sound* which the baby really likes.  I actually thinks the baby really likes me, cuz when I speak he gets to kicking and doing the bankhead bounce (in the belly version).  So now I try to speak to the belly whenever I can, just to see how much action we get….even though he’s kicking on her insides, I still think Bre likes it.   

Now that we’re at 30 weeks down with 10 weeks to go, we’re talking about taking classes and all that jazz and in an effort to keep life simple at home I’m interacting.  Its just a new age of raising kids and considering I was raised very old school I guess I better learn something before March.  In real-time, this pregnancy has kind of flew by, just because Bre hasnt been a crazed pregnant lady….no crazy cravings at weird hours with senseless demands….so its been pretty drama-free. 

Overall its been pretty weird for me.  One of the last times I saw my mom alive she did mention that it was time for me to start making some babies and my reply was that I only like to practice.  So from that aspect I think I’m sad that my parents will miss out on their grandkid.  So there is a strong chance that I’ll cry in the delivery room, but none of yall will get to see it….suckas.  But then again, I’m super excited to have a baby…..a lil me, c’mon now who wouldnt LOVE that?  I mean really.  I’m nervous because I hate my job, but I need to be working to support the kid, but I’m also smart enough to know that I’ll never be “ready” as people always say.  I’m in shock sort of because its amazing to see a lesson in anatomy right in my living room everyday.  Its hard to really explain it, but I tried, so give me a break.

Thats it for now.  Maybe I’ll grace you all with another blog before March….but its hard for me to blog when I’m not angry. 

* – Surround sound is me moving my iPhone from one side of the belly to the other side while the music is playing