today is monday right?

i think 30 weeks of being pregnant finally took its toll on me today. we had a great christmas and sunday i made myself take it easy because i knew i had been doing too much. so i drank lots of water and sat on the couch with the dog in and out of sleep watching football and Kindlin’ (Brownlee’s made up word for reading on the Kindle).  i felt pretty good.  no back pain.  i used the snot pot to clear up some of the congestion.  and ate leftover gumbo.

but today i woke up about 945, which is super late, sat on the couch and got ready for my trash tv (i honestly don’t know how much more i can take, we’ll be hitting up netflix very soon).  i had a cereal bar and 2 glasses of water.  i started feeling bad so i laid down and tried to be still but Monkey Pie had other plans.  i could see my stomach bouncing around through my sweatshirt. so i got up to get us some food and before i could look through the fridge good i threw up the cereal bar and bust into tears.

at this point i do not see how people could be pregnant more than once.  it seems like mine has been super easy and manageable but until this morning i wasn’t taking into account how hard it was.  mentally i have to keep reminding myself that i am pregnant and need to just sit down and do nothing from time to time.  physically i have sinus congestion and can’t take anything that works to make it better. i have to force feed myself when i’m not hungry and have no appetite and nothing is even remotely appealing.  emotionally i love this kid more than anything and i felt horrible crying for eating leftover fajitas that i didn’t want to eat and consequently felt even worse.  it’s just hard. plain and simple.

so some time after i calmed down from my fit (and ate most of my fajitas and rice) i decided that a trip to Target would help.  i mean, it’s Target.  so i got out the house and took my time going through the aisles.  remarkably i only left with the basic items that i needed! woo.

and people are super friendly to pregnant girls.  they smile and point at your nice round bump. and they let you skip them in line and ask if you need help taking things to the car.  it’s so weird.  not in a bad way because i still haven’t had any strangers try and rub me but normally i’m kind of cynical but i guess people are still friendly to the pregnant chicks around.

Target lifted my spirits and i hit kroger to get some groceries and pregnant girl snacks.  feeling much better this afternoon.

tomorrow is officially 30 weeks and my second doctors appointment this month.  from what i gather they really are the same quickie visits just more frequently to make sure it’s not go time.  the doctors office is supposed to be holding breast feeding and newborn care classes separate from the hospital.  this might be a win because our hospital still hasn’t posted dates for either.  also we got this flyer from Babies R Us and apparently Medela (breast pump brand) holds classes there once a month as well.  i think they might even be free.  even more of a win.

10 weeks left.