so today the nurse called to say that i passed the glucose test, yay! candy for everyone! but she said the doctor thinks my iron is too low so i need to go take a supplement. ok fine. apparently thats very common in the 3rd tri. but theres more rules to it than just take the pill. i gotta take it the opposite time of day i take my prenatal (i have a hard enough time remembering that) and i can’t have milk with it…so i guess that means not with my night time cereal (that happens sometimes).

also lately i’ve been having bad lower back pain.  well not BAD but its just very comfortable.  if you let brownlee tell it, its in my butt.  but its like my actual bones hurt on the right side.  showers dont really help.  brownlee’s “butt rubs” don’t help (maybe they help brownlee i dunno).  tylenol surely doesn’t help. but one of the bumpies suggested a heating pad.  and just a few months ago i bought brownlee one of those ones filled with clay/gel that can be hot or cold.  1 minute in the microwave. i’m sitting on it right now.  oh its sooooooo good.  i might keep it in my purse to heat up at peoples houses if i know we’re going to be there for a long time.  so along with the snacks, supplements, and now heating pad i reaaaly should be switching to the diaper bag now lol.

MP must have been hiding out towards my back because once i put the heating pad on there’s been tons of action.  TONS. not just kicks like he must be dragging his foot back and forth or something. well you shouldn’t have made my butt hurt. lol.  actually the heating pad shouldn’t be an issue cause my body isn’t really getting hotter and its not directly on my stomach.

but anyway yay for the passing of the GD test.  who’s making cake for christmas?!