today marks 29 weeks. officially get a new fruit. a fruit i know! Squash.  hooray! how big is a squash? according to my email MonkeyPie is about 15-17 inches, which means he’ll only be a few inches longer at birth, and about 2.5-3.5 lbs.  but that means he’ll at least double, if not triple in weight by march.  WHERE? in my stomach?! good lord.

i haven’t heard anything from the doctors office about my glucose tolerance test last week.  they said they’d call friday or monday if there were any issues and now its tuesday so i think its safe to say that i passed! yay! i mean i’m sure they’ll go over any results next week at my appointment, but for now i’m assuming everything is a-ok.

this morning as i was ignoring my alarm and oversleeping an hour, i was having this dream about Monkey Pie. an actual baby dream! i rarely have them.  so in this dream i had a little brown baby with tons of black curly hair.  must have only been a few days old but he was peeing like a racehorse.  like every hour or so i’d have to change a pee diaper.  and the more frustrated i got the funnier MP thought it was cause i was getting big toothless grins.  and i even noted “man you can tell youre a <insert sex> because the pee is right exactly in this same spot everytime”.  no this is not a teaser to trick y’all like i had a dream i knew the baby’s sex and i don’t want to tell.  in the dream it was very apparent but when i woke up and tried to remember while brushing my teeth, i went totally blank as to what the baby was. even shanycka’s baby was there and she’s due a couple weeks before i am and me and here were going back and forth because her baby was the opposite sex and we were like “look how the pee diapers are different”.  AHHH! have i done such a good job about not having a preference that my subconcious has tricked me into not remembering specifics on a dream on purpose.  it’s a total Fight Club moment. “maybe i knew you’d know the wire so i spent all day thinking about the wrong wire so you wouldn’t know which one to cut.”

also, i have developed a nice little winter cold.  hooray for 40s one day and 80s the next.  it’s nothing serious, no fever, just some congestion and hacking. but i can’t take nyquil or anything good that really works. so ive resigned to chugging tylenol cold and flu warming liquid.  crap. diddlyap. it doesn’t warm. it doesn’t really combat anything instantly. it doesn’t even make me sleepy.  but it did come with a coupon on the top so at least i won there. i’m feeling decent after some rest yesterday (see aformentioned note about oversleeping this morning) and can breathe with my mouth closed, so maybe i should give tylenol some slack.  it works a little.

and for fun here is a nice little comparsion of me in august at 11 weeks and me in december at 28 weeks.  i will need a good trip to American Eagle post partum to replace all stretched out shirts.