The summer of 1995 was incredibly memorable for me. The Rockets won a championship that was sadly interrupted by an OJ Simpson low-speed chase. I remember this like it was yesterday. I was in Uncle Bubbas living room in Memphis watching the game 6 inches from the tv screen cause they had put the game in the little picture-in-picture box.
I spent a month in Memphis with Nanny and Uncle Bubba and his family. Why? I have no earthly idea how I got signed up for that but let’s just say ill never forget it.
Memphis is basically the most boring city you’ve ever heard of. At least it was in 95. And it gets as hot there as is does here but its way higher up in the mountains. This geographical fact is good to know if you have a high nerd quotient like myself and are prone to nosebleeds.
I would literally walk out of the house and by the time I got to the car my nose would be bleeding. Picture me at age 12 in the back of a mini van with giant glasses, tissue up my nose, and my head leaned back in the most uneventful place on earth as we took our daily trip to the Commisary. Every day. For 30 days. They wouldn’t let me out of the house without a box of Kleenex.
And now I feel like I’m back there.
Back in July I read that nosebleeds are a common pregnancy symptom and immediately thought of my time in Memphis. I freaked out cause I’m prone to them in general and just knew this would be a common occurence. But I made it through the 1st trimester without any. 2nd tri was a breeze and I totally forgot about the symptom until Thanksgiving when I had a little blood on my hand when I wiped my nose.
I told Brownlee it was no big deal, its cause the air was dry. But 2 weeks and 2 nosebleeds later I think I’m gonna have to deal with this throughout the rest of the winter/3rd trimester.
So in conclusion, in July ’95 I learned that my uncle makes awesome sandwiches and knows all the words to Outkasts Player’s Ball, the Rockets are clutch, and apparently a 35mph chase through LA is enough to get national coverage on TV. But I swear to God if any of you tell me to tilt my headback when my nose starts bleeding I will beat you stupid.

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