I was sadly mistaken thinking that I had this morning sickness under control.  after my incident friday, I opted to eat breakfast as soon as I got to work.  I will ignore any suggestions to eat a proper breakfast at home because that is just impossible.  anywho yesterday I made some hot chocolate (swiss miss, with a dash of cinnamon.  so so good.) and ran to my little car and drove to work. when I got there I was a little queasy, so I ate some goldfish and everything was fine.  today I was late, so I skipped the chocolate and at some oatmeal as soon as I got to work.


I haven’t felt this sick since my 27th birthday (see: me getting served at The Flat).  I literally just laid on the floor in the bathroom so I wouldn’t pass out and/or throw up at my desk.  and I’m not a germophobe but I mean that’s just disgusting.  so after I got every last bit of quaker oats out of me I tried to go downstairs and get some chips but I got dizzy at the vending machine and got to see what the first floor bathroom tile felt like. 

so I slowly made my way back to my desk where I leaned back and closed my eyes for a few minutes until the colors went away, emailed my boss, shut down the computer and packed up my stuff.  I took the elevator downstairs and drove home.

mommy met me at the house and we went to lunch at jasons deli.  on the drive home I figured the correlation between the vomiting and the sweets. of course a plain jane would set me right.

then mommy took me to get some pregnant girl snacks.  trail mix. powerade (BLUE). jimmy dean sausage biscuits for quickie work breakfast. and…pickles.  booby said that they were good salty snacks for me. total cliché but I ate two vlassics and really did feel better.

some of the stuff that I’ve read says that the sickness can come from dehydration. and some of the girls on the bump said that when they were thirsty they craved salty things. I drink plenty of water, but just in case I will up my intake. and if the saltier breakfasts don’t help throughout the rest of this week I’ll make sure to ask the doctor for her input next tuesday at my next appointment.


also in order to properly prepare for this baby I just now decided that there will be forcible watching of movies I have deemed classic and do not feature conversations held via instant or text message and make you read them on the screen.  we will start with christmas classics, as I am currently watching Home Alone.  A Christmas Story, and Home Alone 2 will also be shown.  I did not forget about A Nightmare Before Christmas, as that will be baby’s first movie.  there will also be extensive studies on all things Tim Burton, including my not so favorite Planet of the Apes, but mostly for Tim Roth’s performance. “whew, you gotta be ready” – Burt, Away We Go