yesterday was one of those crappy pregnancy days.  luckily when I got to work, my boss had already emailed me that I could leave early.  super. but I wasn’t feeling too great anyway. nausea coupled with sinus pressure and a headache. I went for some water and a fiber bar, but about 30 minutes after I finished it, it came back up. really? a fiber bar?! ugh.  so I went for salty instead of sweet and managed to keep down a couple handfulls of goldfish.

then I got home and was tired and hungry and really wanted a sandwich but we didn’t have any sandwich meat and I was too tired to go to quiznos so I just sat on the couch and pouted.  Scooter was not too concerned.  THEN I watched TLC’s Bringing Home Baby.  the mom has two kids of her own and the husband had two kids of his own and they were having their first baby together. she had an incredibly easy labor/delivery and when the baby was born, the 4 siblings were given these guardian angel pendants because the new baby tied them all together as a family. so I started crying. then I had to eat spaghetti cause that’s all that was readily available in the house and I cried some more. I went to sleep.

I’ve been reading that the 3rd trimester brings on a new onslaught of symptoms.  ok well maybe not new, but brings back the nausea and tiredness, and apparently the moodiness.  I’ve seriously been winded after a shower or even just sitting at my desk.  as the baby gets bigger more things get squished.  the heartburn aint no punk either.  one dude at work said it was from the extra pressure.  I believe him cause he has a giant beer gut. he said it would help if I slept with my pillows propped up.

also, I know Scooter isn’t the most doggiest of dogs but something’s been up with him lately.  I’ve read that animals can kinda be perceptive to a pregnancy.  Scooter has been extra needy for attention lately which totally isn’t his style.  when I come home we do our normal walk and I’ll feed him but then he wants lots and lots of hugs.  like he runs over and makes me pick him up and then if I’m on the laptop he nudges it out the way and puts his head on my lap and demands to be rubbed.  totally not his m.o.  but look how cute he is:


I’m starting to get a little anxious about…everything.  I was reading some posts on the bump about girls due in march already taking labor and delivery classes.  WHY?! oh yeah cause it’s december and in 3 months we’ll have babies.  I was thinking that I didn’t need to bother with one cause the nurses and doctor will sorta just tell me what to do.  but the more I know about something the less apprehensive I am and I want to at least seem prepared. so I registered us for the prepared childbirth class on Feb 6. and then Brownlee informed me that was Super Bowl Sunday…BUT we should be done with class at 5.  which should be good enough time for me to get home and watch the Jets win!  speaking of the Jets, look at this baby swag Jenni copped from eBay.




once our hospital posts the schedule for other classes, I plan to sign up for Infant CPR, breastfeeding, and Newborn Care.  they’re all about 2 hours and held in the afternoon so it shouldn’t be a problem.  I actually hope to meet some more potential new parents in our area.  yes I’ll probably be one of those playdate moms that take Monkey Pie to mommy and me…although I saw an episode of the Simpsons last night where Marge was hosting play day and served the kids juice and the other moms were appalled she served the babies High Fructose Corn Syrup.  hilarious.


other than a crappy yesterday things have been pretty good.  I opted to put the progression pics up for every week instead of every other. so weeks 23-26 have been posted. I think the maternity shirts really emphasize the bump cause I don’t feel as big as I look in the pics.  27 weeks tuesday! holy crap.