although i’ll be 26 weeks tomorrow, today makes 99 days left till march 8th. holy crap.

we spent thanksgiving in tatum with karen (aka Naynee) and her family. we ate. and then we ate some more. and then some more after that. and we ate thanksgiving stuff for breakfast the next day.  and lunch. and breakfast again.  yay!!!

saturday brownlee’s sisters were super great and hosted a baby shower for us.  we played some games, even the one with the toilet paper.  and ate some more food and generally clowned around.

we got some really great gifts.  stuff we really need. a bouncer, a pack and play, a playmat gym dealy.  everything was Noah’s Arky and Jungly so it went great with all the stuff we already liked.  and there was a really really cute diaper cake!

the majority of the family was leaning towards girl.  brownlee didn’t seem to understand why anyone would wish that on him but nobody really has any choice in the matter do they.


Here’s the link to all of the photos from the shower.



also i totally forgot to post the pictures from my fantabulous diaper bag.  it finally arrived and i’m all gaga over it.  it’s giant.  and has tons of cool gadgetry to go with it and it’s large enough to stick a baby in it.  well technically a laptop so you can use it post baby.  i want to use it NOW! looka here. (click link for the whole album)

the baby has been moving a lot more. not to where it hurts but a little harder.  and the heartburn is becoming a little more frequent.  it comes from everything! cereal. granola bars.  spicy foods. etc.  and i’m super tired.  i took clothes out the dryer and washed my hair and i’m wiped out.  i dunno if its cause of my sinus headache or cause this kid won’t stop kicking at me or what.

maybe some ice cream will help. this theory isn’t proven but i’m certainly about to test it out.