alrighty we’re at 25 weeks tomorrow. within the 6 month range.  105 days to go. we’re at eggplant now and kid is about 1.5 lbs-ish. still pretty easy going. the kicks are getting harder and if i sit still i can watch my stomach pop around.  i’ve been playing the baby some music, but i can’t tell if the kicks mean “this song rocks” or “turn that crap down”. i’ve actually been a little more hungry than usual which is great in time for Thanksgiving.

speaking of, we’re road tripping to Tatum/Beckville for Thanksgiving. wooo!!! looking forward to lots of turkey and NO FOUR WHEELING this year lol. karen and carrie are nice enough to be throwing us a shower this weekend too. i already told brownlee he was in charge of pictures, but we’ll see how that goes. i’ll post them and do a recap asap cause i took off Monday to put up gifts and start on the thank yous, but mostly to be a bum.

anyway, i made us a little poll to see what we think the baby is right now. it’s open for a month and then i’ll do another one closer to the due date to see if anything has changed to see if anyone has changed (or made up) their mind.  i’ll answer any questions you have before you place your vote if need be.

so here’s what’s what so far:

  • chinese gender predictor chart says boy
  • all the weight is out front. nothing extra in the hips or back
  • i have no idea whats high or low carrying, look at the pictures
  • brownlee hasn’t gained any extra weight (to my knowledge)
  • i had (have) morning sickness
  • no real breakouts actually. a zit here or there but that’s the norm
  • i mostly crave something sweet, but i can’t tell if thats pregnancy related or not
  • my nose isn’t any bigger
  • at the last visit baby’s heartbeat was 133. it was 134 the visit before (20 weeks). at first i think it was about 140??? check in an old blog
  • i have the occasional headache but that could be sinus related more than anything
  • mommy had girls first. brownlee’s mom did too.
  • i would do the needle/ring and thread test but i don’t have either
  • my feet are generally cold. super cold in the office.
  • hair is growing faster everywhere

i think that covers a lot. and heres some nice angled pics for you.


annnd vote: