i’m at home watching “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. it’s amazing how many people really and truly don’t know. all “ooh i gotta take a giant poop”. TOILET BABY.

anyway, 24 weeks today.  the little chart will still say…papaya??? i can’t remember. but the emails say a little over a pound and should be about the length of an ear of corn. i’m guessing that’s from head to butt.

MonkeyPie has been on a roll constantly the past couple days. normally i would feel the pokes right after i ate, but he’s been at it. kicking all day for no good reason. it’s ok cause it still doesn’t hurt, just sometimes it catches me off guard.  at least i don’t get that many more in the belly button.

i’m at home because all though the doctor’s visit was super standard routine, i had to sit in the little room an hour to see the doctor (she had to do some procedure on someone else) which pushed back my eating schedule. at 1045 i went to shipleys and had a kolache and two donuts.  by 1215 i thought i was going to pass out at work. the kolache and donuts didn’t make it. so i emailed my boss and went home (after stopping for some ginger ale).

everything about this kid is textbook according to the doctor.  heartbeat was at 133.  she had to do a stomach measurement at we’re at 24 cm which means the baby is growing exactly on schedule as well. i’ve gained 7.5 lbs so far.  ummm blood pressure and everything is normal.

next month i have to do a glucose test which tests for gestational diabetes.  i have to fast.  then drink this crazy sugar drink. wait an hour. get blood drawn.  shouldn’t really be a big deal cause that’s why they try and find out way early. after 28 weeks we go every 2 weeks until week 36 and then every week then BABY. jeeeezus.  when the doctor broke it down like that it seems like its tomorrow.

i also keep checking online to see when classes become available to enroll early.  they only do like 10 people at a time and they fill up quick.  i’m actually not too concerned with the labor and delivery class. more than likely i’ll forget absolutely everything, but they also have nurses and doctors to walk you through it.  i need to know what to do when i get home.  so i want to take a breastfeeding class, infant cps, and newborn care. they’re just a couple hours after work. shouldn’t be too bad.

also, when i figure out how to do a poll i’ll get everyone’s early votes on what they think MP is.  i know i switch back and forth but i’ll list all the old wives tales and various pictures what not and we can go from there.