I’m in much higher spirits these days. Especially after last night.
Earlier this week I mentioned my bra problem. A couple weeks ago Gabby had so eloquently mentioned “your boobs are getting big” while we were out. I had kinda noticed but it wasn’t that big of a deal. But Wednesday I was so uncomfortable in my regular bra that I went in the bathroom and took it off. I put my jacket on and went about my work.
Brownlee was all “why you walking around with no draws on like a homeless person?!”. The maternity bra I bought from Target was no bueno. So I went to Motherhood Maternity to get measured and see what they had to offer.
Surprisingly they are super affordable and very comfortable but I was having some issues and getting hungry so I left the store empty handed and went back to work.
On my way home I stopped at the mall to try again. More stores, more options. I went to JCPennys. The lady measured me and told me I was in between cup sizes, try both, and burnt off.
Macy’s was just way too expensive.
So back to Motherhood. I figured maternity would be best anyway cause they have these little pockets to put the nursing pads so you don’t leak through the bra. Brownlee wondered if they were cell phone pockets since he is fascinated with women storing things in their bras. He also thinks all of them should come unhooked in the front cause that would have made his younger years so much easier.
Anyway, the girl re-measured me and gave me some options. We were both shocked that she bumped me up 2 cup sizes. Totally misconstruing my idea of boobage.
Either way I’m super comfortable now and there won’t be any disrobing in the office bathroom in the near future. At least I hope not. (Fingers and bra straps crossed)

Oh! I forgot to add that Ariel might be amused to know that it has 3 hooks. I’m fumbling around like a 13 year old boy back there.

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