Yesterday I was not in a good mood. At all. Work was pretty regular for a Monday. Nothing too out of control. But I started to lose it with a lunch time trip to target. I generally hate clothes shopping, but I need to get a new bra or two so I went to the maternity section of targets intimates and was sorely disappointed. Not like I need super sexy bras or anything, but these were those grandma tank top bras. And they were all white, cream, or black. And of course I had no idea what I was looking for. Nursing bras have these detatchable straps in the front and these little pockets in the cups to put pads to stop leakage. Just thinking about leakage sorta freaked me out. I mean I know it happens frequently when the kid gets here, but I’ve been reading about how it can happen while you’re still pregnant. Like…now. And of course I didn’t know what size to get so chances are ill be returning what I bought soon.
Then I had to go to the store to get food. I generally hate the grocery store and I had a hand full of coupons and no list. I literally wrote “milk, yogurt, dinner something”. So I roamed aimlessly for a while putting things in the basket, removing things from the basket. Trying to remember what was already at home. Getting more frustrated by the second.
Then I spent all my money and had a basket full of randoms so by the time I made it to the car I was almost in tears.
I get home, shuffle with the bags, get my work stuff out, and some punk ass kid on a bike almost ran me over. My ears were hot I was so irritated.
So when the dog wanted to go out, we witnessed the punk ass kid totally eat it on his bike but I was still too upset to laugh in his face. I made a mental note to enjoy it later though.
I put the groceries up, ate some cereal, and crashed on the couch. I can’t even remember if I slept good or not cause I couldn’t breathe good. Claritin is working at like 60% strength for me these days.
Anyway, let’s hope today is a hormonally better day.

I’m at week 23. I haven’t gotten my emails yet to tell me what fruit or veggie we’re up to. Monkey Pie has been at it in there the past few days. I randomly got sick on Saturday cause I didn’t feed him (we’re back to him) fast enough or I did too much cleaning too fast or something. But after a 7up and a rest on the couch we were back to okay. Other than that everything has been a-ok.

Doctors appointment next week which is just totally standard in and out.

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