<insert Elton John jamming>

i attribute a flare up of symptoms to a  baby growth spurt.  she (yes the pronoun for this week is she) must be at it for week 22 because my horrible itches are back.  everywhere. especially my stomach.  after i type this blog (and Maury goes off) i’m gonna go soak in the tub. the “what to expect” email told me that baby should be a pound.  we’re at the point where they don’t change fruit every week. we’re stuck at the papaya/banana stage until like week 24 and consider this point Month 5.  i can’t count pregnancy months!

MonkeyPie has really been going at it the past week.  i’ve been able to feel for real kicks/punches.  she seems to have great aim right at my belly button.  its the craziest feeling in the world but also pretty damn cool.  i read that now babies sleep like 12-14 hours a  day.  so far this one is pretty busy right after i eat lunch, especially mini Twix bars, and about 8-10pm.  i can see my stomach from time to time, and trust me as soon as MP can kick my cell phone off my stomach, there will be video footage.

i updated the progression pic page with the next set of pictures.  and changed it to where you can add comments.  it really popped out there between weeks 18 and 20.  i keep thinking “man i’m big” but then when i put the pics together its crazy how one week differs from the next.

the weight is still stable which is fine by me.  books say 2nd trimester is usually 1-1.5 lbs a week. this is why regular weight gain is 25-35 lbs for a pregnancy.  and i know weight gain is good for the most part but i keep thinking eventually i’m going to avoid the scale and just let the doctor tell me what my weight is.  but ive been eating my small meals a few times a day.  we stocked up on fruits and granola bars for snacks.  the hamburger craving has subsided some and so has the random bouts of sickness.  i haven’t thrown up in weeks! <knock on wood>

oh in the last blog jenni mentioned she shoulda took pics of me in my cute blue maternity top. i took a pic. here goes it:


annnnnnnnd Kells was super awesome and got some baby swag. check it out.



and here’s the other teddy bear hat.  it’s bigger so odds are you’ll see MP in it when she’s big and can yank it off and throw it somewhere lol.