i really really wanted to make sure i get peoples addresses to send thank you notes and birth announcements and all that jazz.  and i was thinking that i’d just make people fill out a guest book at the showers but then i’d probably have like 3 books floating around. anywho i looked around to see the guest book options there were on the interwebs and it took me to good ol etsy.  etsy’s the best.  and after some back and forth with CutTheCakeDesigns i received this in the mail today.

theres like tons in there so i’ll just make everyone i know fill one out. lol. but here’s the dividers for them:

and a little sign to pop up next to the box so people know what it is



and then of course here’s my latest batch of baby swag

duckie feetie pjs

baby sweatpants.


teddybear feetie pjs!!

monkey bib!!!



end demo