…but Bre be neither.

Week 21 baby is measuring at about 10.5 inches. The length of a banana. At first I was super confused cause last week was 6.5 inches but apparently that was from head to rump and now is from head to toe. Makes sense since I’m halfway and most babies come out about 20-22 inches long.

I’m up 5.5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight which I know isn’t tons but I just feel way slower than usual. I’m not exactly a whale or waddling yet but I have to sit on the floor in stages; standing to couch, couch to floor. I can’t bend over right half the time (hair washing in the sink is hella difficult), and it’s awkward to put on shoes. Instead of bringing my knees up and bending over to tie my shoes I have to bring my leg across my lap and tie at an angle. Thank God my Sperry’s can slip on and I should probably invest in slide-on Converse.

Soon and very soon I will need to swap over to full on maternity shirts all the time. And probably scoop up some long sleeved ones for whenever it decides to be fall weather. American Eagle was not equipped to handle the growing bulge in my middle. Even my long tees are riding up and Brownlee’s donated some tshirts to my wardrobe.

Oh, and in an effort to fancy up the blog, up top in the right hand corner there’s a new page “Progression Photos”. You can catch a glimpse of my handy photog work cause I just mushed bi-weekly pics together.

Also if this comes out funny its cause I blogged from my phone (phlogged?) since there’s an app for it. TeamBlackberry!

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