yeah right. yall know i don’t know.

so our appointment was bright and early at 830 am.  the ultrasound tech was extremely…peppy.  i can’t tell if it was the cup of coffee she had in her hand, or if that’s just her personality, but it was probably just her.  i told her right off the bat i didn’t want to know the sex. she said no problem.  then i told her that brownlee wanted to know and she was all “all or nothing”. oopsies.  then she went to work.

she kept pointing at the screen like “this is the bladder” “this is the placenta” “this is the hard palette”. yeah we didn’t know what was what. all i could tell was the spine. everything checked out perfectly fine. good ol textbook baby.

then we had a quick meet with the doctor.  she explained what was what with the baby. our due date hasn’t changed at all (baby isn’t growing too fast and wont come sooner, or the opposite).  and she asked if i had any questions.

i actually did! i had been reading a lot (surprise surprise) about pregnancy and the flu and how its really not good for you. so i asked her if i needed a flu shot. she highly recommended it and set the nurse to come in. apparently a couple pregnant women had died of H1N1 at the hospital last year and this year its a combined shot so i’m good. plus the baby will be immune too whenever it’s born. PLUS insurance covered it. wins all around.

THEN we went to register.

that was the plan. Babies R Us and Target are right across the street from our hospital.  we got some Whataburger and went to work.  I had a plan though. went through and had a wish list at both  stores printed out. then we just had actually look at things and pick what we wanted.  the clerk told us not to get too attached to any bedding or clothes because in jan/feb a lot of new stuff comes out for the fall. whatever. brownlee got the scanner and i had my checklist and 50 items later we had our registry.

i tried to split it up and get bigger items at Babies R Us (car seat, crib, breast pump) and the everyday items at Target.  now i just have to wait until after january to buy things so we can get the completion discount.  gonna be very very hard. especially because at Babies R Us they had this monkey clock and monkey wall hangings that im dying to have! i dug through the gift bag they gave us for registering but there wasn’t a gift card in there :(.

target’s baby selection isn’t AS vast as Babies R Us, but we needed to check for things like a tub and bouncer and batteries and detergent.  i sorta lost track of what brownlee was doing, so i need to check the registry for PS3 games. it was very tiring but we didn’t argue or fight at all, and honestly i think brownlee had a good time.

enough talking. here’s Monkey Pie.

it’s all the same profile view, just 3 shots.

and here’s my 20w shot: