Today marks week 19.  I can’t believe I’m almost halfway there! EEEEEEE. 

As far as baby development I read that baby’s skin is covered in some cheesy goo that protects it from swimming around all day.  Gross.  Also we’re looking at about 6 inches and 8 ounces.  Apparently that’s big enough to make my stomach bulge to one side.  We saw it happen the other night when Monkey Pie must have really been practicing his Matrix moves in there.  I told Gabby it’s like when I wrestler is pulling back on the ropes to pounce on someone.  

No big changes so far. Well, the biggest would be that it appears all of my AE tshirts have shrunk.  They don’t lay down flat at the bottom and they barely touch the top of my pants.  So I’m slowly transitioning over to maternity tops.  Just basic tees. And boy are they comfortable.  The still fit the same as my regular tshirts do, but they’re longer.  They even cover up the belly band I’m still wearing.  I don’t really have a problem with pants yet so we’re just gonna ride this belly band till it pops.  But those maternity jeans with that big fat panel might do something to smooth out this belly button issue.

Speaking of belly button issue, I got a bit of unsolicited advice on it yesterday.  “The doctor’s gonna tell you not to put anything around the baby’s midsection to cover up their belly button.  Don’t listen.  Get one of those baby bands…well they might not make them anymore, but you can make you one…anyway, get one of them and put that sucker on there real tight.  That way when the baby strains, when they go poop and all, it doesn’t poke the belly button out and you’ll be left with a nice innie.  My mom did that to me and I did that to my son and we got nice innies.”  I was also told that sticking the baby’s butt to the sun will cure diaper rash (vitamin D),

I took a picture and some measurements this morning but of course I left the camera cord on the coffee table so no pic this week. Just look at all the pics from Saturday.  I could have sworn I was sporting a baby bump, but it just looks like a beer gut still now that I’ve gone through them.  Anyway, thanks to all of the birthday desserts I ate, I’m up 2.5 pounds.  WHAAAT?! I thought it was a fluke yesterday morning when I weighed in, but I was still strong this morning at 142.5.  And i’m at 34.25 inches around the middle. 

Also, I had an awesome time at my birthday shindig.  Thanks to everyone that made it out! It’s great to be surrounded by so many people you love (even if you can’t always stand them).  This kid will be so loved it’s gonna hurt.