in pregnancy math 18 weeks is finally really 4 months pregnant.  there’s some sort of uncertainties with how many weeks are in a month and what not and so on and so forth.

it’s been pretty uneventful lately. i’ve been a little more dizzy than normal (some of you know i have a tendency to pass out) from time to time but that’s totally covered in the pregnancy symptoms section of the book.  still no full on kicks, just a moving sweet potato (that’s this weeks food) in my lower abdomen.

my birthday is saturday and i’m not the leat bit excited.  i’m so preoccupied with baby things.  i used to be one of those people who were all “i don’t want baby gifts for myself” but of course that changed and mommy already ordered me a super awesome baby bag. lets see if i can get a pic in here…

sooo between now and march if you see me carrying this swanky bag as a purse, then you’ll know i couldn’t hold out with using this just for the baby.

still no weight gain and i’m beginning to wonder if i might be one of those people who either A) gets to piss off other pregnant people in the future by saying “oh i just gained 13 pounds while pregnant” (some fatty told me that the other day and i totally hit her with the :T face) or B) will wake up fat.  but it’s not like the baby is big in there.  the sweet potato measurement was like 5.5 inches, an 10 oz. that’s like wrist to tip of thumb length.  you’d think there be a little something extra there due to the amount of suburban s’mores i ate yesterday.  but hopefully everything is gradual.  i keep doing body checks for stretch marks and vericose veins. 

and lastly, here’s a belly pic from yesterday morning.  thankfully i didn’t do a front shot because my belly button already pokes out giving me a done turkey look.  it was never a super innie to begin with but now i can see it through my tshirts. luckily it’s getting chilly so i can layer tshirts and maybe conceal it.  one girl on the bump said she’s been using band-aids to smooth hers out.  let’s hope it doesn’t get that far, or when it does i’m too pregnant to care about appearance (nobody let me get to that point).