i totally haven’t uploaded the onesies i’ve been buying and what not. jenni has a friend who knits. so she whipped up a teddy bear hat and a failed teddy bear hat turned bonnet. if Monkey Pie isn’t a girl then i’ll have to pass it on, but lookie.

target has baby separates for $3-$4 a pop.  the Team Mommy one had pink glitter on it so i had to get a Team Daddy. but of course i had to get something with mommy on it as well.  there was one that said “i’m cuter than the dog” but…i can’t do Scooter like that right now.

these are newborn sizes so i gotta kid the kid in them within like the first week.

Carter’s has a giant selection of stuff in target. i assume the real store is just as cheap but i haven’t let myself go in there yet.  they had pink and blue sets and plain white onesies but i won’t get those just yet. although i do plan to get tons and get some of that iron-on paper from Hobby Lobby and make my own clever baby shirts.  or get the stickers for the baby’s monthly shot. OR go on Spoon’s website and get the monthly iron-on and make my baby Spoon onesies. but Carter’s will do for now. these are brown and the little emblem is an elephant. the brown matches with the above bear hat quite well.  and i got Small, which in baby means 0-3 months. unless Monkey Pie turns out to be a beast (fingers crossed that is not the case)

everything is laid out on the changing table for your viewing pleasure whenever you stop by.  i’m not gonna lie, i almost got a little bit teary laying them out cause it’s so small. THERE’S A BABY IN THERE! eeeeee

two posts in one day snitches!!!