although i clearly have stated at the top of the blog that the name will not be discussed, eventually a kid has to be named.  and after the dream about bringing the baby home and realizing we did not name her we sorta decided we eventually have to come to terms with hating every single one of each others name choices and come to some sort of conclusion.  at least this time we didn’t start to call each other idiots.

i think most girls, especially as teens, start to make a list of names to call their future children.  it’s sort of in line with dreaming about your future wedding. i never obssessed with either for long periods of time, but at 15 you figure by 25 you’ll be married and ready for kids, so why not have a list ready.  and i think we also go through some phase in life where we assume our parents gave us the worst name they could come up with.  i swore something was happening in the 80s where my mom thought it would be cool to give me a name i could never get on a pre-made pencil or novelty license plate or anything. yeah there were other breanna’s and briana’s. but no bre’onna’s. with the thing on the e. i never even use it. or maybe you were one of 5 laurens/kimberlys/ericas/sarahs/jennifers in your class and had to go by Spinelli. or maybe a disney character was named after you were born but it didn’t matter cause people were gonna ask anyway if thats what you were named after.  so we came up with a “if i could have picked my name i would have called myself…” alternative. it’s just what girls do.

as a general rule i just do not like girl names. they’re…too girly? so James was my name for a girl and that would be the end of that.  and then the other day i read this blog (i’ll try and find the link. it’s on this blog about what NOT to name your kid titled “you can’t call it” ( about this lady’s struggles with being named Tyson.  it didn’t sway me in the least but it was a very interesting read.  and i also saw the preview for the Freakanomics documentary where this chick wanted to name her baby after Tempest Bledsoe but didn’t bother to look up the spelling and wrote Temptres on the birth certificate and the child ended up in all kids of trouble. 

brownlee hates unnecessary capital letters and accent marks where there was no stress on the vowel.  he wanted a resume appropriate name for the kid.  i immediately ruled out any B names because i’m not trying to raise a super hero.  and he kept trying to sneak in T names but i’m like “its my kid too” but i had already ruled out B names.  you see how this was already difficult?

and then there’s this whole trend of kids being named Aiden (which i love), Brayden, Jayden, Kayden, etc.  which makes any name with a “y” in it look made up.  and people strive to make their kids name unique which ends up making it hard to spell and even harder to pronounce.  ariel and i have text logs with tons of horrible names.  i don’t know how much i want my kid to be a unique snowflake…just like everyone else.

lots of women got the name for their kid as soon as they found out the sex and refered to the baby as such from that point till it was born.  they figured that it helped them bond sooner.  but i have the total opposite view.  how am i supposed to name someone i’ve never met?! (one of) my big fear(s) was that i’d have a name ready and the baby would pop out and i’d be like “great, this doesn’t even look like a James” and then we’d be back  to bringing NoName Brownlee home.

so my brilliant plan was to have 2 names for each sex picked out before the big ultrasound in October.  then when the baby was born we could look at the baby and be like “you look like Girl Name A” or “Boy Name B wouldn’t fit you”.  you see how that goes?  but best laid plans…etc etc.  ariel can finish that for you.

as of right now we’re set.  two names for each gender…and we didn’t even break up!  NO you do not get to know what they are. NO the sex will not be known until the baby is born.  trickery or bribery will not be tollerated.  and don’t even get me started on hospital etiquette.  feel free to chime in all you want on names but i mean we’re set. 

also i took a totally cute picture this morning. lmao. 16w3d.