(Glee is on an this Asian chick is singing the hell out of “listen”)

quickie doctor’s appointment today. apparently i weigh less and less everytime i go in there. they started me at 147 but now i’m at 141. in the 2nd trimester you’re supposed to be gaining weight. eventually a pound a week. buuuut the doctor said babies are parasites and take whatever they need. i told her i eat all day long i just haven’t been able to eat big meals.  anyway, the baby’s growing and she said that’s all that matters. i guess i’ve just been eating better and smaller and more frequently.  maybe i’ll have more cake every now and then. i haven’t been dieting but i actually pay attention to what i eat.

nurse said that the flutters should be more frequent and harder soon as the baby grows and has less space to move around i’d start to feel the pokes.  right now Monkey Pie is in there doing tons of flips and moving and shaking.  she could tell when we listened to the heartbeat and kept hearing harder scraping-ish sounds.

at work nobodys just come out and asked me but i’ve noticed some stares on fridays when i wear regular tshirts to work. i’m sure it will be public knowledge.

anywho, the nurse let me record the heartbeat on my blackberry.  sooo if i can figure this out you can hear it too. clocked in at 136-140bpm.