you know that feeling you get when your eye is twitching and you ask someone “hey is my eye twitching” or you run to the mirror to see if you can see your eye twithing then of course that’s exactly when your eye stops twitching?  well i’ve been getting that feeling lately. but in my stomach.  i’ve been figuring that it was gas because honestly i’ve been gassy this whole time but some of the girls on the bump swear that its the baby moving around in there. not exactly kicks but like full on laps bouncing off the walls back and forth flips kind of movement. they say that kicks aren’t normally felt until like week 18-20 so maybe i’m wrong and this really is gas, but here’s what one of the “bump experts” said on when one girl (at 16weeks) asked about when she’d feel the baby kick:

Yes! Those first flutters should be coming your way within the next few weeks — usually between 16 and 22 weeks for first-time moms. They won’t feel like real kicks or jabs just yet, since baby still has plenty of room to move around. Early movements are very gentle and subtle. You may only notice them if you are sitting or lying quietly. They’re also harder to discern if you’re overweight or your placenta is anterior (on the front of your uterus, near the stomach). Plus, these early kicks can be infrequent. You might feel something tomorrow and then nothing for a few days. By the time you hit your third trimester, baby’s moves may be more predictable. And guess what? He’ll usually be most active right when you’re trying to go to sleep!

so i’ll try and sit still for a while and see if i can really feel anything that isn’t followed by a “safety”. (for those that don’t know, “safety” is what we yell when a SBD is coming your way.  SBD = silent but deadly)

in other baby news me and brownlee were “hard at work” this weekend cleaning out closets to make more space in Monkey Pie’s room. the baby book suggests i chronicle the progress and not do everything at once because one day i’ll walk in and be overwhelmed. let’s see if i can upload some pics.



craigslist is my new favorite website. i mean i’ve always known of it but the other day i was browsing and saw this changing table for $25 so brownlee went the next day and then the day after that T brought it over. wooo! usually they run $100 and even though brownlee swears they are unnecessary even he couldn’t argue with the price tag. at least it’s extra storage space for wipes and diapers and what not.

next step is to get stuff off the walls and put up baby-friendly (and mom-approved) decor. i’m thinking of getting wall decals since i don’t care to look up what our lease says about painting.

yesterday i had a dream that we had an itty bitty baby girl. not 4lbs like that Madame Wrong predicted but still small. about 6 pounds.  anyway, we brought her home and had her in a little white and green onesie and she was really quiet and good and slept alot. even the breastfeeding was super easy. and the nurse was all “make sure you keep track of the feedings” as we were leaving the hospital. so i whip out my fancy baby feeeding scheduler and go to write “fed baby” then i look at brownlee and go “oh shit we forgot to name the baby”. 

15 weeks tomorrow! jeeeezus. doctors appointment next week. it shouldn’t be more than just pee in a cup how have you been feeling? i need to make sure and ask what to do about my itchy skin. and i have this little rash on my arm that will not go away. apparently rashes are very common in pregnancy as well.  barrel of fun!

lastly but nowhere near leastly, GO TEXANS.  and its MONDAY! be excited. the Jets are playing.