i told myself in the 2nd trimester i would let myself really start looking at baby stuff and buying and getting the room ready. “brownlee’s room” will now be “baby’s room/computer area”. i already had to move a gang of sweaters and jackets to the other closet.  apparently when we moved in over a year ago we never really unpacked some things so first and foremost i need to go through the closets (might as well do all of them) and see what all needs to be thrown out, what needs to be donated, and what can be condensed.

but i digress.  me and gabby went to the good target (san felipe) and browsed the baby section.  they have a whole Carter’s layout and all the cribs and what not on display.  right now i’m leaning towards garage sales and craigslist for some items (pack and play, changing table, book case) and some stuff will have to be new (crib, car seat). but while looking we noticed that although lots of people prefer the traditional blue and pink, a good compromise for gender neutral is a jungle motif! it’s perfect. incorporates the brown and green i really wanted and how cute are baby monkeys.

gabby was sweet enough to kick it off with a baby monkey blanket. and luckily Babies R Us has the bedding sets and everything. i just have to make sure i do it bit by bit and don’t overdo it. i don’t want to walk in the kid’s room and have a Jumanji flashback (i don’t do lions).

there’s this Baby Bargains book that tells you the best deals and what not on each item. so like everything else, i plan to do some research before I finally buy. i think.  sometimes things are too cute and just NEED to be bought.

everything is pretty mellow these past few days.  they say 2nd trimester is pretty easy.  sickness goes away. you get energy back. i still haven’t gained any weight.  i have 2 pair of jeans that still button. i bought Aveeno bubble bath to help with those severely itchy days but a lot of people assume the baby really must be growing when you have overwhelming symptoms.

here’s todays picture!