week 13 is upon us. well mostly me but also yall.  what does week 13 bring? the baby is now a size of a peach. we’re basically in the 2nd trimester (i think the official start is 13w3d).  i have way less nausea and fatigue.  but a new symptom that hit me yesterday is incredibly itchy skin.  how itchy? i get to second base with myself several times an hour. luckily i have this giant cube to myself and i sit facing the doorway and i usually wear a jacket, but i’m constantly sticking my hands down my shirt to scratch everything. then my nose starts to itch. then my head. then my arms and ankles. then my back.  yesterday i was rubbing against the couch like scooter.  he was not pleased by my impersonation. 

apparently dry skin is a common pregnancy symptom.  since everything is growing and expanding, your skin is definetly not left out, so i guess this is part of the stretching but jeezus.  i’m thinking of getting some oatmeal stuff and soaking in the tub tonight even though the thought of a warm bath disgusts me (hot baths are a no-no during these 9 months) it’s all i can think of.  brownlee even encouraged the use of MORE lotion! the burt’s bees belly balm i bought was helping a lot because it’s super thick, but its not convienent to keep in my purse, so like once a day at work i sneak off in the bathroom with some bath and body works to relotion some itchy areas. it helps and it smells good, but those stalls are not good for manuevering in.  i’m sure cocoa butter would help but my nose is sensitive and although gabby refuses to believe it, i do not want to smell like chocolate all day. 

if the bath thing doesn’t work, i’m just gonna take a bendaryl and sleep through the itchies.