i made the mistake of wondering aloud what happens when a patient comes in for delivery while the doctor still has regularly scheduled clients.  yesterday we had to wait like an exxtra hour to see the doctor because she had an emergency earlier in the day and everyone got backed up.

just a standard monthly checkup. pee in a cup. blood pressure checked. listen to the heartbeat (brownlee will probably do an imitation of it if you ask him). ask the doctor any questions. see you in a month.  the heartrate was 150 bpm.  according to the old wives tale if its over 140 its a girl. sorry baddy. but if you ask stacey with her chinese gender chart she will say it’s a boy.  typically i refer to the baby as “he” but i honestly can’t “feel” what sex it is one way or the other.  “they” (in the books, not old wives tales) say that the genitals are already formed by 10 weeks, so whatever this baby is has already been decided and we’ll just see who was right and who was wrong.  i can’t remember who thinks what. we should take a poll.

the nurse that used the doppler to find the hearbeat said i didn’t even look pregnant and probably wouldn’t show until 20 weeks. that’s 2 months from now!  lady my pants don’t zip up anymore! but brownlee said it was because she was a fat ass so of course i didn’t look pregnant.  he was nice enough to wait till she left the room.

another appointment sept 20th at 16 weeks.  big ultrasound in october at 20 weeks with the detailed scan of the heart chambers and lungs etc etc.  this is when most people find out the sex.  no i have not changed my mind on that. i’m not finding out.  whiners can wait until baby is out to buy clothes if they want. “don’t make me no nevermind” <in my Black Dynamite voice>.   and i think after that appointment i’ll skip on over to Babys R Us and think about starting a registry. apparently they give you free things when you start one. and whatever doesn’t get purchased by other people you get a discount on.

and also, as a follow up from my last blog post about the pizza.  why the hell didn’t anyone stop me from eating 8 slices of pizza in one day? i ate 4 for lunch. 2 for snack at 3p. and then 2 more at home about 6.  baby had enough of that and threw it up about 11. i woulda cried but i was too sleepy and tired and had 4 slices left for the next day anyway.