brownlee said i needed to do a post since i said i would before the dr appt wednesday so here goes.

i’ve eaten half a large pizza today. i would love to blame it on the baby but it’s really just the regular fat girl that resides within me LONG before i got pregnant.

i love mr. gatti’s pizza. apparently i have an affinity for the unpopular because there aren’t but like 4 in town. luckily one is 5.7 miles away from my job on jones road. i just found out LAST WEEK and i’ve been working here over 2 years. i was heartbroken when they closed the one in the village and turned it into a flower shop. really?! over PIZZA.

so today i called and placed an order for a medium sampler (supreme to you pizza hutters) with no olives. dude goes “you can get a large for the same price” and i almost said “you bullshittin” <in my BruceBruce voice> so i super sized it and grabbed my keys and purse and headed out the door.

the whole way there (all of 12 mins) i worried where exactly i would eat my pizza cause i didn’t want to bring it back to work and have it cool off. BUT dude had a couple tables inside and gave me a plate and peppers and cheese. i love that guy! bought a soda and ate about 4 pieces in 5 minutes. if that.

mommy called me and we caught up on True Blood then i’m all “OMG guess what” 
mommy “you can feel the baby move?”
me: “um no. but now my news won’t seem so exciting”
mommy: “ok what”
me: “i found a mr gatti’s!!!!!!”
mommy: <uncontrollable laughter>

anyway, about 30 minutes ago my afternoon morning sickness kicked in so i went downstairs and heated up 2 more pieces.  woo hoo!

i got 9 more pizzas to go till i get a free won.

in other news: baby is a plum tomorrow. doctors appt wednesday. my hair is still horrible. and my skin is as bad as it was when i was 15 (ok maybe not THAT bad) but jeezus. i got a maternity shirt from Motherhood Maternity, which is a pretty good and inexpensive store, but brownlee said it looked like an old lady shirt, so now i might return it and get a Texans tee. if anyone sees a Jets one, let me know.