so i’m basically fed up with the state of my hair.  i got it cut a couple weeks ago so it’s not the length that’s killing me (wait 2 weeks) it’s the color. ooooh about a bazillion months ago i dyed my hair with some level 2 (that’s semi permanant for those that don’t know. washes out in about 20 washes???) color that was decent but i mean it’s level 2. and from what i’ve read nothing FORBIDS you to dye your hair while pregnant but everyone has their hang ups about it. worst i’ve heard (read on message boards) is that your regular color may not be so regular because of your raging hormones at this fine time in life.  if you’re going to do it at home, be in a well ventilated area.  and if you’re going to a salon then go early so there’s less people, and less chemicals to breathe in. or opt for highlights because they aren’t directly on the scalp, but i mean how much do you really soak in through the pores in your head?

either way, i’m going to break down soon because my hair is looking waaaay to natural whatever the hell color this is drab brown. maybe if it were winter and it was boring and gray outside i wouldn’t mind it so much. but i want the vibrant natural brown that only l’oreal can make in a feria box.

also, my morning sickness had subsided a bit. they say it typically goes away towards the end of the first trimester, and i’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow, so 2.5 weeks of 1st tri left to go.

ummmm i meant to blog friday that i went ahead and told my boss. and mel (HI MEL! if you’re reading). john was sorta freaked out at first since i went in his office and closed the door and i’m not a closed door meeting type of person. but he was just relived that i didn’t quit and since he’s british and they’re all into family and taking time off he was pretty cool about it. he did ask if tyrone would “make me an honest woman” to which i replied “yeah i’m still not in a rush for that”. but apparently in england 15 years ago, being pregnant got you an automatic 6 months off. the month you were due, plus 5 months after that. and only after the 5 months did it cut into your pay. you could take up to a year and still keep your job. 

i haven’t talked to HR yet, but from what i’ve figured we get the standard 6 weeks short term disability (8 weeks for c-section) and you can take up to 12 weeks unpaid with the FMLA, which i keep reading as FML but whatever.

ummmm next doctors appointment is scheduled for 8/25 but i’m sure i’ll blog again before then.