a while ago brownlee and i were at the grocery store and while checking out we had half a gallon of regular milk and half a gallon of Lactaid.  the checker looks at me then looks at him and says “which one of yall got the lactose?”, meaning which of us was the lactose intollerant one. i pointed at brownlee and she continued to check us out while stating that usually its the girl that “got the lactose”.

well whatever sex this baby might be, they apparently got the lactose.

sunday i went about the usual stuffing my face routine. quesadillas at studio movie grill. cereal. ice cream. baby carrots with ranch dressing, and chicken alfredo for dinner. then while watching the boondocks (bout 1045p) my stomach got a little rumbly. i figured it was cause i ate a small bowl of fettucini during entourage (930p for those who don’t know that i tell time by tv shows) and it wasn’t enough. but i popped in a jolly rancher and got in the bed.

all good right? WRONG. i was uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach so i tossed and turned until like 2 am when i realized why i couldn’t sleep right. i had to throw up. i run to the bathroom with no glasses on, praying scooter is not in my path.

get back in the bed with a freshly brushed mouth and fell back asleep.

until 4am. back to the bathroom. i sipped a ginger ale about until about 415 and i was finally able to go to sleep. my alarm went off at 545 and i was reaaaaaly tempted to just email my boss “i’m pregnant and ill i’m staying in”, since i had just called in the other day.

they say that the “morning” sickness is supposed to subside after the first trimester.  im 10 weeks* today so that leaves me with 3.5 weeks to go. but we all know i can’t go that long without a bowl of cereal.

*the 10 week fruit on the ticker is a prune. i have no idea what a real live prune looks like, but the internet says its about an inch long.