so the last couple fridays i’ve come to work in my jeans with them already unbuttoned and eventually held together with a rubberband (see: rubberband trick entry…again), but this morning i decided i’d try the Be Band out that Jenni bought me.

I’m never buttoning up my pants again.

it’s like a super soft stretchy tube top that fits right on top of my unbuttoned fly and goes up to my (what feels to be) beer gut.  its brilliant! and it just looks like i have on layered t-shirts. HA!

i have no idea if it alters the appearance of my belly any, but it sure is comfy.  and it’s not so much a baby bump yet, its just seriously like a beer gut.  IF i wanted to concentrate all day and suck it in then you couldn’t tell a difference between me now and me 9 weeks ago, but i just don’t have the will power.  i planned to wait till the end of the month to tell my boss, but i doubt i’ll make it that long.  i’m getting antsy.