i’m supposed to be eating healthy…well healthier, but lately all i’ve been dying for is a McDouble, no pickles, fries, and an ultra strong Coke. mmmm that sounds good. every burger place i pass my mouth starts watering. i’ve been considering driving to south park and hitting burger park for a hood burger and crinkly fries. mmmmmm. i don’t even think this counts as a craving because i kinda always want burgers, but the desire for beef is strong.

but i have been eating lots of fruit. working on that veggies. i mean i get in a good salad every so often, but veggies are stupid and i will stand by it even i as i shove them by this kids throat. i’m sure with my luck they will throw up spinach at the table much like a little breonna did way back when.

ive been drinking the V8 like a champ. i might go get me some little carrots and hope that they really do promote good eyesight cause otherwise this kid aint got a chance.

other than that, the morning sickness is still there, all throughout the day. sprite helps, but sprite in a bottle SUCKA. where’s the carbonation?! and everything has tasted slightly…off.  at first i thought everyone everywhere i ate was fn up but after about a week i realized it was me. i’m not walking around with a bottle of hot sauce in my purse and covering food in salt, but something might have to be done.

also, jenni bought me a be band, which is like a tube top that you put over your pants so you can have them unbuttoned and unzipped! no rubberband needed (kells, i’ll post a pic once i actually put the thing on). so hopefully this will keep me out of maternity pants for a while. ow!