i had another doctor’s appointment yesterday, and also a soccer game to go to hence this not being posted last night.

anyway, this was the first in a series of monthly visits that i will be going to over the next few months.  last time the nurse just said that there would be more paper work and blood work so i wasn’t really expecting much, except for the standard urine sample.

nurse came in, checked my vitals, asked if i had been taking my vitamins (faithfully) and refrained from any drinking or smoking. super. then she whips out this little doppler radar thingy and some blue goo. she’s all “ok we’re going to check for the heartbeat. you’re 8 weeks so we might not be able to catch it but you’re skinny and i’m good, so i’m thinking we will.”

i lie back, she squirts the good on my stomach and sure enough a few seconds later we hear a little something that sounds like rushing water.  then she moves it a few centimeters and bam we hear the heart beat loud and clear. she clocked it at 140 bpm, which is apparently very good.  she took a few more notes and said she’d be back with the doctor.

doctor comes in and goes “yeah i don’t know what the nurse thought she heard, but you’re only 8 weeks and i dunno if she really got the heartbeat so i’m gonna check again. plus i mean you wanna see your baby right?”  hells yeah.  in wheels the not so friendly ultrasound again, with wand attachment.  she pokes around a few times and there’s the baby. way bigger this time. like 2/3 head and the rest a little body. heart is more in the center this time and there were this really white spots under the head. doctor said those are hand and feet nubs (everything is fused together right now but eventually they seperate). then we see something moving. of course i don’t feel a thing.

doctor goes “oh wow. looks like this little one is moving for the camera. it’s not uncommon for them to move but it’s rare that we catch it in action.  so she takes some more measurements and what does the baby start to do? shake it’s head from left to right furiously. like seriously? already saying no to things?  granted i know my first word was “no” but this is a little ahead of schedule huh?

next appointment is scheduled for 12 weeks where we aren’t scheduled to get an ultrasound, but if we decide to get an NT Screening (which determines the chance of birth defects such as Down Syndrome) then they’ll do a pretty detailed one and from what i’ve seen in the books it will be baby shaped.

enough of the jibba jabba, here’s the pic: