i was starting to think my dealings with “morning” sickness were over and done with.  wrong. WRONG. yesterday after my regular bowl of cereal i sat back to flip through my new baby journals (awesome, thanks mommy) and felt a familiar rumbling.  so i laid on my back for a little while and soon i was running straight for the bathroom. how could cereal turn against me?!

so of course, 30 minutes later i’m starving. i go to the store to get some things for dinner, and some sprites, come back. and make hamburgers.  oh they were great but 3/4 through mine i had to put it down because another bite would have sent me back to the toilet. wtf is goings on?!

my stomach settles and i shower and fall asleep. but through the night if i rolled over on my stomach i could feel the queasies coming on. brushing my teeth was hard this morning.

but its casual friday, so i threw on my gap jeans and a tshirt to cover the bloating.  no belt needed.

sitting at my desk a few minutes ago, i feel the pressure of the top button of my jeans starting to dig into my gut.  but hey, the gap felt it necessary to fashion these jeans with 2 buttons.  instantly some pressure was relieved.  but after a glass of water and a cup of tea  the second button had start to cause some pain. i can’t just walk around with my pants unbottoned…at work (its the norm at home now).

and then i remembered the rubberband trip the girls at thebump talk about.  you unbutton your jeans.  hook a rubber band to the button.  slide the other end through the button hole, and then hook it back onto the button. VIOLA! pressure relieved.  pants not wide open.

no only if this rubberband wasn’t neon orange…

EDIT: so here’s a pic. especially for Kells. lol.