tomorrow marks 7 weeks and i have yet to gain a pound. i’m not complaining, i’m just stating progress, or lack thereof.  everything that i’ve read says that average pregnancies are 20-35lbs of weight added.  i can’t even imagine what that means because over 4 years i gained 20 pounds and i just had to buy a few new pair of jeans.  20 lbs in 9 months is baffling to me and i’m sure at some point i will be in a heap of tears in my closet floor trying to find something to wear.

i’ve also read that you are not “eating for two” and shoveling food down your throat is not only frowned upon, but will guarantee you a difficult time when you’re trying to lose the baby weight.  an extra 300 calories a day is supposed to do the trick.  and that all sounded fine on paper until like last week when i completely lost my appetite for absolutely anything. it hasn’t gotten to where food tastes different or smells make me sick.  i’m just absolutely not hungry.

but to combat the morning sickness i’ve had to shovel breakfast bars and/or oatmeal down my throat. just going through the motions.  once i get going i can eat everything, its just the first bite is the hardest part.

and i even cheated and went and bought some V8 vfrusion because i don’t want to eat any fruit so i figured i’d cheat and drink it (even though i hate the concept) cause each 8 oz glass has a serving of veggies AND fruit. i was a little nervous cause i don’t know what the hell gogi fruit is (watch it be on my baby growth chart) and i mean it’s V8. but it was decent and NOT water because i’m absolutely sick of drinking water which is hard when you’re constantly dying of thirst.

but seriously. i love eating! i never thought the day would come when i would have to force something (besides spinach) down. hopefully this phase will be over soon enough and then i’ll be blogging about weird cravings.