last night while going through different websites and my books to come up with questions to ask the doctor, brownlee asked me something about a birthing plan. i wrote it down as something we ask the doctor, like when do we come up with that, but then we found this helpful worksheet on a sample birth plan and how to go about planning.

it covers everything from mood lighting in your delivery room to who cuts the cord. like one of the questions is “would you like a mirror to see the baby’s delivery”. how am i going to deliver a baby passed out? answer that sheet of questions. anyway, it kinda freaked me out and now i clearly need to read past the first trimester in my books.

but we did come up with some questions for the doctor. like what hospital can you do deliveries in and do you give epidurals (is my tattoo in the way?) and are there prenatal classes? and whatever else i wrote down in my notebook. so that should be a start.  apparently i have to go to the doctor every 4 weeks until like week 28. then its every other week. then at week 36 its every week. so i’ll have plenty of chances to get to know this doctor and ask whatever questions i have. although right now another important one is can i go to quiznos (they say that processed meats like sausage and lunch meats can have listeria in them which is a no no but some docs say its ok when eaten rarely and/or the meat is cooked to steaming). i love quiznos!

here’s the link to the gruesome birth plan if you want to freak yourself out. but read at your own risk