and we’re back.

doctor’s visit went great. well except for finding the garage and the standard wait room time.  but its an awesome layout of a hospital.  brand spanking new facilities and everything.

the nurse staff was pretty nice. like a no nonsense bunch of ladies but personable.  nurse asks me if i exercise. and i’m like “some” and she goes “occasionally” and writes it. ha.

anyway, we meet the doctor. really nice lady. works with memorial hermann (memorial city) and says we’d deliver right downstairs. woo hoo.  and we asked about semi private rooms but she said all the rooms were private. say word son! but she said we were too ahead to ask about visiting the maternity ward and prenatal classes and the birthing plan.  the books said to ask.

she did a routine exam and then used the transvaginal ultrasound dealy.  its a wand with camera.  they actually put a condom on it. ha! anyway she said she’d get a good picture and would then turn the camera to us. she had brownlee stand up near me so he didn’t have to witness the exam part. then she was like “there’s definitely a baby in there. and just one”. whew. cause i’ve seen a few girls on thebump that went in for an exam and came out preparing for two babies.

she snapped the pictures.  said we measured right around the time she thought, so now i dont have to change my tickers.  still at sweet pea!

then she ordered up some blood work and sent us on our way.

we go back in two weeks. for more blood work. maybe the doppler dealy to hear the heartbeat. but other than that good to go.

here are the ultrasound pics. it just looked like blobs to us, but the doctor explained it. and i used my wicked paint skills to label them for yall. its the same pic. just zoomed in.