friday i thought i was having what i hoped to be a rare occurence.  nausea.  WRONG.  yesterday while bbq’ing i felt sick so i could barely eat any of my super awesome steak.  and right now as i sit at my desk i swear i want to bend over right into this trash can and let  it out.  i haven’t actually thrown up anything yet but this dry heave, mouth watering thing is not the business.  they say you’re not supposed to let your stomach get empty and that’s why it hits most women in the morning, but “morning” sickness can hit you any time of day. 

so when i got in, i ate a peach cause i figure that a healthy snack is a win/win. which lasted all of 20 minutes.  now i just want to spend the rest of the morning in the bathroom, but of course if anyone sees a woman throwing up, the first questions is if you’re pregnant and as of now, since i haven’t even told all my family/close friends, i definitely don’t want to tell people at work.  fortunately my office mate and my boss are out of the office today, so if i do just leave early nobody will care (or know).

i’m eating a cereal bar and drinking tea, so i hope that fixes it.  if not i have some oatmeal.  if that doesn’t work then i’m screwed.  but either way, it looks like i will be one of those people that carries food around in their purses.