this morning on the news they were talking about how like 30% of facebook users check it first thing in the morning when they wake up. like before they go pee or brush their teeth.  (i couldn’t full be baffled cause sometimes i do this on the weekend). but recently (as in a week) i’ve been taking a couple seconds before i wake up and before i go to bed to thank God for giving me a baby. well at least for that day. cause on the message board A LOT of girls talk about how difficult it was to conceive and how they’ve gone through all these tests and implatations and losses and more tests and they have to take Clomid and progesterone and all these other hormones and get beta levels tested every couple days to make sure they’re still as pregnant as they should be.

and of course i have tons of movie quotes to go along with it but mostly i think about the one from Away We Go when their friends in Canada are talking about their 5th miscarriage and adopting 5 kids and how they squandered away their 20’s and shouldnt be surprised in their 30’s when the kids aren’t that easy to come by but 14-year-olds get knocked up everyday. 

i just hope i still feel this way when i’m throwing up everything i ate.  or when i’m trying to get a screaming baby to sleep at 3 in the a.m. or when i’m explaining for the umpteenth time that “some things are, and some things are NOT” (c) Louis CK.