so now brownlee’s all “other people are telling so we can too” (because i told him about how on some girls tell their friends early. super early. like right after they get done peeing). and i’m all YESSS except i don’t really want to send out an informal mass text but i also don’t know when i’m going to see everyone i want to tell right now. UGH.

and also i had a bout of nausea earlier today. bleh. i was all psyched to get a $2 meatball marinara from subway. but i started getting queasy and opted for a ceasar salade (see: lamadeline’s fancy french spelled menu) instead.  that was enough and i kept it down but i guess i got hungry about 3 and started getting sick.  they say the key to combating “morning” sickness (“morning” is a lie it takes place whenever) is to keep something in your stomach. like 6 small meals a day instead of 3 giant ones. i still want a giant one every once in a while :(. something good.  mmm Barry’s Pizza kinda good. or some pasta.

now i’ve made myself hungry.