ugh it seems like its been forever since i took the test but i know these 9 months will fly by.  the doctors appointment isn’t until next week (Wed 4p), but from what i’ve read a lot of girls have heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks, which is always a good sign.  but i dont know if that’s what my doctor will do or if i’m just going to take another test and get lots and lots of bloodwork done.  and finally i can tell more people.  the suspense is killing me.  like we considered having a get together and making a big announcement, but i know my friends and I know we have scheduling conflicts.  plus i don’t want to be around the liquor that i can’t have.

so i’ve been reading (of course) all of these questions that the “experts” say that you should ask the doctor.  like which hospital they’re authorized to deliver at. and how many visits are to be expected. and what drugs i can take (i needs my Claritin) and if i can dye my hair (everything i’ve read so far says yes, but watch me ask anyway).  but i’m going beyond that in my head now.  when do i tell work? what does this mean for the upcoming promotion im supposed to get at work? how much time can i take off? what am i going to do with a screaming baby? who will be the day care person? what the hell am i going to wear while i’m gaining this estimated 25-35 pounds (seriously that’s what the books say). yesterday i freaked out for a minute that i couldn’t wear my boots this coming winter. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS. but ariel calmed me down (laughing all the while).

i guess i have nothing else to do but let time creep by slowly as i wait for this doctors appointment.  creep creep creep.