so a lot of people work things out in there heads.  like by the time i turn 30 i’ll have this done.  and if i ever get to meet someone famous i wont freak out and i’ll tell them what i thought of that crappy movie they did.  but when these situations actually arise, they rarely go as planned.

well way back when i said that when i did get pregnant i’d grow my hair out.  cause they say it grows fast and at my rate of haircuts i’d be in supercuts every other week. that’s out the window.  there’s no way i aint gonna be in supercuts every other week.  even if its cause my stomach is so huge i can’t bend over to wash my hair. or highlights or something (yes that is ok dont start complaining).

and as of now i dont intend to find out the sex. at all.  they call that “team green” (as opposed to blue or pink).  or settle on a name before they pop out. yet i’ve already set a list of favorites on (no i’m not sharing…for now).

and jewish people believe that its bad luck to bring baby things into the house before the baby is born.  i never planned to take it that far but i dont intend to buy things until i’m pretty big.  but i’m sure as soon as i see something too cute to pass up i’ll snatch it up. awful.

and i’m all “well i’m in an apartment. i’m not going to paint and make a whole nursey” (especially when brownlee’s all “does the baby need decoration”).  and there’s no way i’m not going to get books and books and books. we’ll see how that goes.