i spent a lot of my day so far actually reading some of the stuff in the books that i bought.  they’re both pretty informative and have calmed me down a bit.  like i was freaking out that the doctor wouldn’t schedule an appointment sooner, but i was lucky to get in at 6 weeks and it seems like even then they just do bloodwork and initial informational type stuff.  even if they do an ultrasound, all we should see is a little sac. like a bubble. that’s it.  if they have good equipment (which i think they should since its at memorial city) they might detect a heartbeat. but as long as the sac is there then we’re good to go.

i guess my main concern was that i didn’t feel pregnant. besides some gas and being a little tired, and peeing more,  i figured there would be more to feel. i almost would rather be throwing up or have crazy sore boobs, but if that time comes then i’ll be pissed.  i’m tempted to just use the other test that came in the pack. just to reconfirm. or something.

i’ve also learned that i am better at passing news on to other people than brownlee is.  i watched him tell john yesterday and he has a horrible lead in instead of my “soooo i got big news…im pregnant” approach.  pretty shocked and amazed. but he’ll get better at it.  i think.