where do i start?

i suppose with the now. i haven’t figured out who to tell or when to tell or if to tell. that’s pretty much the biggest thing.  so far i’ve been telling anyone (doctors whom i’ve spoken with on the phone and not actually anyone i know) that i “got a positive test” and want to come in for an exam.  apparently its not as urgent as i thought it would be because they’re all “we need to wait till you’re 6-8 weeks” so for right now the first appointment will be July 14th and i have no clue as to what to expect or what is to happen.

anyway for now i’ve got my books, my prenatals, and my innanet to stay abreast on all the contradictions there are out there about being pregnant. super.

so far i have learned  that the 40 weeks includes the 3 weeks you weren’t even never considering being pregnant. they just keep asking me when my last period was and start counting from there.  somehow or another i’ll figure how to add a counter or calendar or whatever on here so we can all keep track (when i tell all that is).

and i haven’t even freaked out yet.  so far my biggest concerns are how many frappe’s can i drink now and why doesn’t AE make pregnant girl clothes. but i’m sure that’s bound to change. especially once i crack these books open.

here goes nothing.